The company Filippou, well known at the place of the handmade ecclesiastical furniture for many decades undertake a whole internal coating (decoration) of the Holy Temples.

The many years experience, the perfect technique and the first quality African and Canadian timber which we use, are some of the components which have made us be distinguishes in the place of the ecclesiastical furniture.

A huge diversity of hand-made Mt. Athos church furniture decorates churches and monasteries for many decades in Greece and abroad, too. Temples, pews, shrines, lecterns, talents, tables, frames etc with insertplanted wood as well elaborately carved like the cloistral, byzantine and baroque or even with a combination of them, are some of our handmade creations.

Our company also undertakes special constructions and coatings 
based on your demands and needs, ensured the best result for you.
The delivery and installation of our furniture ,
combined with the quality and well construction
ensures guaranteed lifetime .
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